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Mark Barwell CET MRSS(T)

Mark Barwell

Mark has been actively working on his spiritual development since 1996, initially with a strong foundation in Shamanism and then incorporating additional interests in Shiatsu, Reiki Healing, Tarot Reading and Tai Chi Qigong. He has since gone on to teach in each of these areas of his life.

Having graduated in 2012 from a 3-year Practitioner’s Course in Shiatsu, a form of body and energy work, Mark is committed to his role as a Teacher at the Shiatsu College branch in Hastings and is also a Teacher Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society, MRSS(T), a qualification that indicates the extra level of competence and study that he has gained in this therapy. Mark also holds a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET).

Shamanism provides the “roots” of Mark’s spiritual practices and he feels that this connection with natural energies and spirits provides not only an empathy with the world around him but also a great deal of comfort and sense of self. To solidify his years of experience, he also gained a Diploma in Classical and Cross-Cultural Shamanic Studies with the Four Gates Foundation.

Mark teaches empowering techniques in Shamanic Development as well as offering guidance on working with your spirit guides. He also teaches various workshops such as how to make your own Shamanic Drum and Rattle. Deep-rooted blockages and life problems can be explored and resolved during Shamanic Healing sessions.

In 2004 Mark discovered Reiki, a therapeutic form of energy channelling and healing that originated in Japan. Having studied the first two degrees, Mark then embarked on a two-year journey of personal discovery and graduated as a Master/Teacher in traditional Western and Japanese styles of Reiki. He is pleased to offer these teachings in whichever style is more suited to your requirements as well as providing continuous support and development in the form of workshops and opportunities to share Reiki with fellow students.

Mark is available for Reiki Healing treatments and can also arrange for healing energy to be sent at a distance without the need for face-to-face contact.

After further development of his interest in holistic body work, Mark also offers treatments in Indian Head Massage and Holistic Body Massage.

As a foundation of his studies since 2009, Mark has been developing his skills in Tai Chi Qigong and now hosts classes in Shibashi Set 1 in St Leonards, Hastings.

Mark’s chosen form of divination is the Tarot, a set of picture cards that can be used to provide guidance and advice for current and future situations. Mark offers readings as well as the opportunity to learn how to read the cards and then develop your intuitive and Tarot skills further.

Mark’s focus is on providing guidance, support and empowering tools to enable you to reclaim your wellness or develop your path. He is more than happy to discuss any relevant issue with you and find out how he can help you to move forward!


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Mark is available to work in the comfort of your own home (Hastings & St Leonards area – travel costs apply to other areas) or from a seafront venue in St Leonards. Fully qualified and insured.

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