MRSS(T) status confirmed!

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 |

Following 18 months of continuous development and study, then 4 months of review, I have been awarded MRSS(T) status. This means that I am now a Registered Teacher of Shiatsu according to the standards set by the Shiatsu Society, the largest Shiatsu Professional Association in the UK.

The Shiatsu Society is one of the main driving forces behind the self-regulation of Shiatsu practitioners as well as the implementation of core standards of teaching, learning and practice. The minimum length of time that it takes to become a Teacher of Shiatsu is 6 years yet the learning and development continues for a lifetime.

I have been an official Teacher with the Shiatsu College, based at the branch in Hastings, since July and my studies are continuing with a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training and a qualification in Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA).

So if you need help with CPD (Continuing Professional Development), tutorials, guided treatments, or support with your learning, just get in touch to see how I can help you to move forward!


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