Reiki Healing Course (2nd Degree – Okuden)

Reiki is the name given to the abundant energy in the universe and the systems known as Reiki were developed to channel and utilise this energy for healing and spiritual development. Mark teaches two distinct styles of Reiki training:


reiki_healing_2_thumbThe Japanese system of Usui Reiki Ryoho has an emphasis on meditation, energy focusing and spiritual practices for personal development and to improve the healing techniques of Reiki.

The Western style of Usui Shiki Ryoho focuses on the healing tradition as well as providing opportunities and support for spiritual development and personal growth.

There are no special conditions required to learn Reiki healing and this level provides a deeper understanding and practice of Reiki while also preparing the student for a professional application of Reiki healing. It is necessary to have Reiki 1 in order to attend this class.

Japanese style (Shoden level)

This course consists of:

* Introduction to 3 symbols and their energies
* Tuition of the 3 symbols and mantras
* Concepts of Earth (yin/in) and Heaven (yang/yo) energies and Oneness
* Distance healing using 2 different methods
* Additional techniques for healing using Reiki energy
* 3 attunements to the energy

Duration: 2 days


Western style

This course consists of:

* Introduction to 3 symbols
* Tuition of the 3 symbols for incorporation into physical treatments
* Learning methods of energising the symbols to further the mental, spiritual and emotional healing processes
* Distance healing using the appropriate symbol
* Time for practice, questions and sharing

Duration: 2 days

Students are encouraged to stay with their chosen system in order to develop the energies and techniques within a particular framework. However, should you wish to explore the teachings of a different system, I offer a 20% discount on each level up to and including your current level of learning. This also counts towards your CPD recommendations for professional standards – Click Here for more details.

Reiki Healing course

(2nd Degree – Okuden)

Duration: 2 days

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Mark offers Reiki classes on a one-to-one or group basis. He is available to work in the comfort of your own home (Hastings & St Leonards area in East Sussex – travel costs apply to other areas) or from a clinic room in St Leonards (click here for details). Fully qualified and insured.

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