Seated Acupressure

This treatment has a basis in the techniques of Shiatsu and is essentially a back, shoulders and neck treatment. Seated Acupressure works with all the energy lines of the body via the points in the back. So while it’s a relaxing and revitalising treat in itself, it also stimulates a more balanced state of being. Treatments are performed on a specially-designed chair and last for 30 minutes.

If you would like a longer treatment that is more specifically targeted to your wellbeing needs, Mark also offers Shiatsu – visit the Shiatsu page for further details.

Seated Acupressure

Duration: 30 mins

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Mark is available to work in the comfort of your own home (Hastings & St Leonards area – travel costs apply to other areas) or from a clinic room in St Leonards (click here for details). Fully qualified and insured.

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