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What is the Shiatsu College?

Training in Shiatsu and Acupressure and teacher training in Qigong and Meridian Yoga from the Shiatsu CollegeFormed in 1986 to “provide the best possible quality of Shiatsu training, among the first of its kind, of comparable length and depth to that of an Acupuncture training”, the College was a collaboration between the founder teachers: Nicola Ley (Pooley), Clifford Andrews, Paul Lundberg and Carola Beresford-Cooke, all of whom are active in the international Shiatsu community as well as being at the heart of the College today.

The Shiatsu College has several branches around the UK and delivers quality courses in Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy work, therapeutic skills and practice, and various related topics. Always at the forefront of Shiatsu development, the College was instrumental in helping to establish a minimum 3-year syllabus that is the expected standard for Shiatsu training as overseen by the Shiatsu Society.

Two of the key texts at the base of many Shiatsu courses are written by two of the founder teachers: “Shiatsu Theory and Practice” by Carola Beresford-Cooke and “The Book of Shiatsu” by Paul Lundberg.

Recent developments in the College include the 2-year Qigong Teacher Training course and Meridian Yoga Teacher Training course, now available in selected branches. Each branch also has its own schedule of Open Days, drop-in clinics and Post-Graduate support.

Shiatsu College Hastings

The Hastings branch was established 13 years ago by Annie Cryar, a local therapist with keen interests in Shiatsu, Qigong, Yoga and other aspects of health and wellbeing. Annie still runs the branch today, with a small but dedicated team of teachers, trainee teachers and assistants who provide the support and encouragement for students to grown into their knowledge and practice, all from a wonderful seafront venue in St Leonards.

The Certificate of Acupressure course runs throughout the year to introduce you to the concepts and techniques of Shiatsu and energy work. If you wish to develop further, it can then be used as the first year of a structured syllabus that forms the three years of Shiatsu Diploma training.

For more details, please contact the Shiatsu College Hastings at the details below:

Address: Kings Road Studio, 48 Kings Road, St Leonards, East Sussex. TN37 6DY

Telephone: 01424 756326

Mobile: 07722 868397



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