Shiatsu massage treatments

Shiatsu Massage treatments for health and wellbeing in Hastings and St Leonards, East Sussex. Healing and teaching by Mark BarwellShiatsu is an Oriental form of body-work that “uses hand pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and its natural inner energies, to help ward off illness, and maintain good health.” (from Paul Lundberg’s “The New Book of Shiatsu”).

Sometimes referred to as “shiatsu massage”, it is a healing art that evolved from massage, acupressure, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mark Barwell focuses on a form called Zen Shiatsu, which also includes perspectives gained from Western concepts of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Each treatment begins with a consultation to determine which energy channels (“meridians”) require focus at that moment as these can sometimes be out of balance. The practitioner then works to stimulate and unblock the body’s energy, called Qi (Chi), through various methods. These can include appropriate body pressure, joint manipulation and energy direction.

Together with providing advice and guidance for any required lifestyle changes, Shiatsu aims to promote the body’s natural healing abilities and to restore balance and wellbeing. The whole session lasts around an hour and it is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Mark Barwell graduated in 2012 from a 3-year course with a Shiatsu Practitioner’s Diploma, awarded by the Shiatsu College. He has since been granted the MRSS(T) status for professional competence and has undergone comprehensive training to become a teacher at the Shiatsu College Hastings, located in St Leonards, East Sussex. Mark also offers one-to-one tutorials and support with your Shiatsu training – please get in touch to find out more.

Shiatsu treatment

Duration: 1 hour

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Mark Barwell is available for Shiatsu treatments in the comfort of your own home (Hastings & St Leonards area in East Sussex – travel costs apply to other areas) or from a clinic room in St Leonards (click here for details). Fully qualified and insured.


Seated Acupressure treatments for health and wellbeing in Hastings and St Leonards, East Sussex. Healing and learning by Mark BarwellMark also offers Seated Acupressure, a back, shoulders and neck treatment with a basis in Shiatsu techniques that also works with all of the energy channels of the body via points in the back. A relaxing and revitalising treat, Seated Acupressure also stimulates a more balanced state of being. Treatments are performed on a specially-designed chair and last for 30 minutes. For more details, see the Seated Acupressure page

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